SCUMS - Slay so hard

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Format: 7inch

THE SCUMS release their fantastic debut single 'Slay So Hard/The Rattlesnake' as an alias of THE STOMPIN' RIFFRAFFS, who formed in Tokyo in 2006 and have since captured an international fan base through their frantic live-shows and their fabulous releases on WILD RECORDS. The three chicks, Rie (bass), Miku (keyboard and theremin), and Saori (drums) and their man Nao (guitar and vocals) deliver an absolutely wild, fuzzy, stompin' organ beat sound with screaming vocals on 'Slay So Hard' and a furious instrumental with 'The Rattle Snake'. THE SCUMS' future activities are still undecided, but for now they are busy driving you to the crazy world of their fuzzy, wild and dazzling sound!

Once you've heard it, you can be certain that this hot 7' is not one you wanna be without!

1. Slay So Hard
1. The Rattle Snake