The Janitors – Noisolation Session Vol 2

Bad Afro Records

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The Janitors  – Noisolation Session Vol 2
Label: Bad Afro Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1 - Bellwell Hell
A2 -Rymdnämnden
A3 -Hum In A World Of Noise
A4 -Vile And Lost
B1 -Thin Line
B2 -Levoton
B3 -Making Demons
B4 -Nowhere Down

In March 2020 The Janitors from Stockholm had their new album written and studio time booked in the north of Sweden - ready to unleash their latest shamanic fuzz meltdowns and follow up to the ’Horn Ur Marken’ album from 2017. Then corona hit and everything changed. The band figured they would go down into their own studio to work on those tunes some more until things passed over but instead they ended up recording other songs that turned into ’Noisolation Sessions Vol. 1’ released in 2020 including some of the best songs The Janitors ever produced.
As corona kept a tight grip on us all the band didn’t really know what to do next. So they started to record again and the result is ’Noisolation Sessions Vol. 2,’ a collection of eight dark and noisy songs that are not aimed at the faint of heart. Instead The Janitors display a hypnotic, monotone and evil drone that fuzzes in all the right places.
’Noisolation Sessions Vol. 2’ is a co-release between Cardinal Fuzz (UK), Little Cloud Records (USA) and Bad Afro Records (Denmark). The edition on Bad Afro is limited to 200 copies on red vinyl!