The Mants - Bug Rock Invasion!

Chaputa! Records

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The Mants -  Bug Rock Invasion!
Label: Chaputa! Records
Format: Vinyl, 10”, EP

Man Side 1 - Frat Rocker     
Man Side 2  - Shake ’N’ Shimmy     
Man Side 3  - Hungry Mant     
Man Side 4  - Blast Off, Spacenik!     
Ant Side 1  - Exterminator Van     
Ant Side 2  - I’m A Bug     
Ant Side 3  - In-N-Out     

Slack-jawed humans of the planet Earth: prepare yourselves for the “Bug Rock Invasion!” Canada’s most reviled rubber-headed garage rock mutants THE MANTS are back with a new record on Portugal’s Chaputa! Records, and your auditory sensory devices will never be the same! 7 new ham-fisted “Slop-o-Sonic” songs recorded straight to tape and calculated to induce maximum listening displeasure are jammed onto a 10” record guaranteed to make you lose friends and fill your shorts*.

Your hometown sucks? You wanna be a FRAT ROCKER! SHAKE ‘N SHIMMY as the Bug Rock Beat pulverizes your cranium as you drool on the dancefloor! Hide your bratwurst ‘cause there’s a HUNGRY MANT on the loose! BLAST OFF, SPACENIK! and take your Beatles records with you! Check out the ode to love gone wrong in EXTERMINATOR VAN! I’M A BUG scream THE MANTS, before they launch into an abominable tribute to their fave IN-N-OUT Burger!

There’s no use fighting it – the “Bug Rock Invasion!” has begun, and things will never be the same.

*Not necessarily in that order.