The Dils – Some Things Never Change

Restless Empire

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The Dils – Some Things Never Change
Label: Restless Empire
Format:     Vinyl, LP, Compilation
A1: I Hate The Rich
A2: You´re Not Blank
A3: Class War
A4: Mr. Big
A5: Sound Of The Rain
A6: It’s Not Worth It
A6: Red Rockers
A7: Blow Up
A8: Folk Say Go

B1: Citizen
B2: National Guard
B3: What Goes On
B4: Before The Law
B5: C-A-R
B6: Some Things Never Change
B7: You Don’t Mater Anymore

One of the very first bands of the first wave of American punk rock, along with the Screamers, the Avengers, the Weirdos... This record compiles all their studio songs, the first demo as well as their three singles! The b-side features extra live recordings: 7 songs that never got recorded in the studio.
Featuring the California all-time classic punk rock record single ’I Hate The Rich’ and includes liner notes from the band’s very own Chip Kinman: ”We wrote songs. Wrote them on guitars and played them really, really loud...”