The Electric Mess – The Beast Is You

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The Electric Mess – The Beast Is You
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

A1 - Disconnected  
A2 - We’re Gonna Crash  
A3 - I’m Gone  
A4 - You’re My Overdrive  
A5 - Snow Queen  
A6 - No One Gets Out Alive  
A7 - The Beast Is You  
B1 - You Can’t Hide  
B2 - Plastic Jack  
B3 - It Happens All The Time  
B4 - Mystery Girl  
B5 - Read You Your Rights  
B6 - Yes, Future

Brand-new LP ’The Beast Is You’ by New York’s brilliant ELECTRIC MESS has arrived! This album is loud, wild and completely electrifying.

The record absolutely catches the band’s powerful mixture of 60s rock, punkrock and 80s garage-revival with incredibly cool vocals by tough frontwoman Esther Crow, wild guitars and rockin’ beats. ’Disconnected’ or ’Snow Queen’ display a little more their wild punk-facet, while ’You Can’t Hide’ and ’It Happens All The Time’ go more in the 60s garage-direction with catchy songwriting, a stomping beat, and rockin’ wildness. ’Mystery Girl’ again has more of a pop-punk-side to it with a slightly softer tone and fantastic harmonies.
The most downtempo-song of the album is also its final one, adding a slightly different touch to it and with singer Oweinama Biu’s vocals reminds one a little bit of David Bowie.

All in all ’The Beast Is You’ is a fantastic album by a fantastic band that leaves nothing to be desired!