Impala – Teenage Tupelo

Chaputa! Records

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Impala – Teenage Tupelo
Label:    Chaputa! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1 - Teenage Tupelo Theme
A2 - D’lana Walks At Night
A3 - Gravelo
A4 - Starlet
A5 - Fargo! (Wanda’s Theme)
A6 - Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
A7 - Thee Madd Madd Manhaters!
A8 - Johnnie’s Drive-In
A9 - Catfight
A10 - Blue Belle!
A11 - Manhater’s Walk
B1 - Rumble Suite
B2 - Fairground On Fire
B3 - Woman In Chains
B4 - Tom’s Automotive
B5 - Pinstripe To Come (Capt. Crypt’s Theme)
B6 - Blue Light Of Capricorn
B7 - Dudie’s Diner
B8 - Uber Femme!