Henry Fiat's Open Sore - Adulterer Oriented Rock (Singles Collection 1997-2001)

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Format: LP

A1. Hfos
A2. Penetration Camp
A3. Born Drunk
A4. 1-2-4-5
A5. Hey Ju
A6. No Damn Escape
A7. Sick Puppy
A8. Evicted At 58
A9. Fuck Off
A10. I Can't Pay
A11. Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck
A12. The Anti Man
A13. Brit Pop Sucks
A14. Scumbag
A15. Local Imbecile
A16. Gimme The Coot
A17. The X
A18. England, That's A Place To Hate
A19. Satans Boy
A20. An'r Man
A21. Amused By Dad
B1. Fuck Jesus, Jesus Fuck
B2. 666 0:53
B3. I Am An Asshole
B4. Lazy As Hell
B5. Girlfriend
B6. Blockhead
B7. No
B8. Taxidriver MF
B9. Let's Fuck Instead
B10. Kiss Your White Ass Goodbye
B11. Dee Dee Ramone
B12. 3.5 Revolution
B13. Mother Of Vadar
B14. Screaming Green Devil
B15. Nag Nag Nag
B16. Dinga Linga Lena
B17. Att Duga
B18. Gubbkarring
B19. Du E Inte Du
B20. Kristina Axén-Olin
B21. Jag