Mud City Manglers - Heart Full Of Hate (Very Limited Stock!)

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Mud City Manglers - Heart Full Of Hate
Label: Beluga Record
Format: Vinyl, LP
co-released with Ghost Highway Recordings & Spagetty Town Records

A1 -  The Battle March of Old Latrobe
A2 - Shit You Talk
A3 - 1234 Motherfucker
A4 - All I Need
A5 - Waste of My Time
A6 - Fucked up All the Time
B1 -  One More Beer
B2 - Song #666
B3 -  I Wanna Kill My Friends
B4 -  Over the Highside
B5 - Different Shade of BlackB6 -
B6 - Keep a Knockin


Re-release of the MCM debut album, this was originally released back in 2000.

John Holstrom editor of PUNK magazine says: The Manglers play a raw, blistering, p(i)ssed-off punk that's as insane as anything since the original Stooges. Anyone who lives on the east coast should check these guys out ASAP.   They rip live!!  Fans of stuff like Electric Frankenstein, The Hellacopters, Gluecifer and the Backyard Babies need to hear the Manglers! 

PLEASE NOTE: Very Limited Stock and Random Black or Coloured Vinyl.