Belfast Gypsies, The - Them

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Format: LP,Compilation

A1. Gloria's Dream
A2. The Crazy World Inside Me
A3. Midnight Train
A4. Aria Of The Fallen Angels
A5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
A6. People Let's Freak Out
B1. Boom Boom
B2. The Last Will And Testament
B3. Portland Town
B4. Hey Gip! (Dig The Slowness)
B5. Suicide Song
B6. Secret Police
C1. Gloria's Dream (Single Mix)
C2. Secret Police (Single Mix)
C3. People! Let's Freak Out (Single Mix)
C4. I Want You
C5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Early Demo)
D1. Portland Town (French EP Mix)
D2. It's All Over Now (French EP Mix)
D3. Midnight Train (French EP Mix)
D4. The Gorilla (French EP Mix)