Dahlmanns, The - All Dahled Up! + 13 tracks! (DOUBLE LP)

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A1. Candy Pants
A2. Lonely Boys Brigade
A3. Shake Me Up Tonight
A4. Going Down
A5. Love The Haters
A6. This Time
B1. Bright City Lights
B2. Dancing With Joey Ramone
B3. Get Up Get Down
B4. Teenage City
B5. I Want You Around
B6. Smash You
C1. Connie Converse
C2. Play It On Repeat
C3. Party Girl
C4. Go Getter
C5. Teenage News
C6. Dumb Me Down
C7. Pop Goes the World
D1. Do You Want Crying (Single Mix)
D2. Ring Ring
D3. Forever My Baby
D4. The Last Time
D5. Already Gone
D6. Tear Me Apart