Ebbot Lundberg - The Immaculate Concept Album

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Format: LP,Album,Stereo

A1. I Totally Agree 2:15
A2. Backdrop People 3:57
A3. Dysfunctional 3:52
A4. To Be Continued... 4:30
A5. But Yellowman, We Had An Agreements 2:10
A6. Killing My Darlings 2:54
A7. Over & Out 1:35
B1. There´S Only One Of Us Here 5:08
B2. D Day Dreamer 2:45
B3. Drowning In A Wishing Well 3:31
B4. Swim Like A Bird 2:55
B5. Probing The Boundaries 8:18
C1. To Be Continued... 2:04
C2. Through The Harmonics 2:36
C3. Killing My Darlings 2:03
C4. Crater In My Life 2:32
C5. Beneath The Winding Waterway 4:05
C6. In Subliminal Clouds 3:55
C7. Memory Bank Robber 1:55
C8. Right Now 1:38
D1. I Totally Agree 3:00
D2. For The Ages To Come 3:55
D3. Backdrop People 3:45
D4. Playing Game Of Thrones 3:30
D5. Like An Egg 0:40
D6. Little Big Thing 2:15
D7. Sunshine 3:03
D8. Already Done 1:57