BEE DEE KAY; THE U.F.O.ZZZ - You move me baby

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Format: 7”

BEWARE ladies and gentlemen, BEE DEE KAY and his alien fellows are landing! Back from the depths of outta space, Bee Dee Kay drives this spaceship, full of «Unique Fuckin’; Obsessionzzzz», so get ready for the shock of your life! The legendary and wild frontman BEE DEE KAY (who last released his killer-LP ’Lowdown & Dirty’ with BEE DEE KAY & THE ROLLER COASTER on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS label.) is back again to provide us with an explosive 7’, stylistically, musically and by all different 50s/60s-trash characteristic things influenced. Musically active since the 90’s, among others, the 5 musicians played in bands like KING KHAN &THE SHRINES, BEE DEE KAY & THE ROLLER COASTER, DEE CATS, BLUE DEVILS, UNDERTAKERS, WEIRD OMEN, DELL LIMOS, BEACHBREAKERS and more.

Still mixing up late 50’s/early 60’s Garage, Surf, RnB, Soul, R’n’R as well as Punk-Rock and a bouncing lace of exotic things, get ready for some wild rockin’ soul from outta space with screaming vocals, a raving sax, wild guitars, rockin’ upright bass and stomping drums!


A: 1. You Move Me Baby
B: 1. Wake Up Honey

Please note: Slight crease in corner!