Traumahelikopter – Look The Other Way

Bachelor Records

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Traumahelikopter – Look The Other Way
Label: Bachelor Records
Format: Vinyl, 7”

A - Look The Other Way
B - No Hope

”With their record collections representing the entire rock ‘n’ roll history, covering obscure country, blues, R&B, beat, punk, wave, grunge, contemporary garage and whatnot, these guys know what’s up. With a devil-may-care-attitude the band has played all over the world, and Burger Records released their first two albums on cassette and LP. And now Bachelor presents a brand new 7”!

The recordings on this classic two song 45 are a bit rougher than the ones on their latest LP. The difference is more than obvious if you listen to the song “No Hope” which is featured in a stripped down version on “I Don’t Understand Them At All” but in a loud rockin’ version on the B-side of this 7”... And Look the Other Way is a just a catchy smash hit single!