Velvet Attack – (She’s A) Human Doll

Soundflat Records

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Velvet Attack – (She’s A) Human Doll

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl, 7”


A: (She’s A) Human Doll

B: Dr. Jesus Gonzalez

VELVET ATTACK are a 60’s based indie-rock-group from Dortmund, Germany formed in November 2018 to play velvet popsike melodies boosted by prog / kraut educated guitar attacks.
The five boys have been part of different musical projects (Jelly Planet, Damo Suzuki Band, Astra Kid, The Cheeks), which is reflected in their multi-layered, refined sound. ’(She’s A) Human Doll’ is their very first release, an incredible 7 ’limited to 300 copies only.

The melodic title song is an absolutely infectious, catchy tune with a strong beat and rocking guitar that display singer Kono’s cool vocals, emphasized by harmonic background vocals. The B-side ’Dr. Jesus Gonzalez ’sounds, however no less exciting - beautiful,

These boys just nail that perfect late 60’s British freakbeat-sound and transfer it right to the year 2021! These two songs are an exciting foretaste to hopefully many more velvet attacks in the future!