Surf School Dropouts – Summer Is A State Of Mind

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Surf School Dropouts – Summer Is A State Of Mind
Label: Sunny Day Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

A1 - Summer Is A State Of Mind
A2 - Baby, I Long To Be Yours
A3 - Follow The Sun
A4 - Interlude I
A5 - Beach Bound
A6 - Searchin’ For The Perfect Wave
A7 - Road Ahead Of Me
B1 - Favourite Record
B2 - Run Away
B3 - Interlude II
B4 - Stone Cold Crazy
B5 - Hold On To Me
B6 - Interlude III
B7 - Glad You Decided To Stay

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Take some Beach Boys-styled vocal harmonies, a bit of 60s sunshine pop and a pinch of 70s power pop, bring to a boil and you’ve got the sound of the Surf School Dropouts. Since 2009 Andreas, Christian, Jari and Martin have been on a mission to bring sunny sounds to the frostbitten, Northern shores of Denmark. Based in Copenhagen, these guys may be far, far away from the California sun and beach scenes they sing about. But they nevertheless channel their love of Brian Wilson and infectious harmonies to great effect. Above all, Summer is a State of Mind is a celebration of the classic pop sound with 14 self-penned songs featuring shared lead vocals by all four Dropouts and lots of catchy melodies.