Impala - Teenage Tupelo

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Format: LP,Album

A1. Teenage Tupelo Theme
A2. D'lana Walks At Night
A3. Gravelo
A4. Starlet
A5. Fargo! (Wanda's Theme)
A6. Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
A7. Thee Madd Madd Manhaters!
A8. Johnnie's Drive-In
A9. Catfight
A10. Blue Belle!
A11. Manhater's Walk
B1. Rumble Suite
B2. Fairground On Fire
B3. Woman In Chains
B4. Tom's Automotive
B5. Pinstripe To Come (Capt. Crypt's Theme)
B6. Blue Light Of Capricorn
B7. Dudie's Diner
B8. Uber Femme!