The Surfites – Escapades In Space

Topaz Hit Label

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The Surfites – Escapades In Space
Label: Topaz Hit Label
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
A1  - Launch Pad     
A2   - Comet’s Tail     
A3   - Space Mover     
A4   - Moon Buggy     
A5   - Little Rocket Mill     
A6   - Rainy Days In Space     
A7   - Around The Galaxy     
A8   - Danger Ahead     
B1   - Space Encounter     
B2   - Far And Beyond     
B3   - Marching Robots     
B4   - Mercurian Surf Stomp     
B5   - Space Coach     
B6   - Moon Made     
B7   - Planetary Stroll     
B8   - Launch Pad (Reprise)