Born Loose – Blowout!

Hound Gawd! Records

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Born Loose – Blowout!
Label: Hound Gawd! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

A1 - Ain’t Comin’ Tonight
A2 - Weird Weird World
A3 - Fair Warning
A4 - Driller Killer
A5 - Whiskey Holiday
A6 - PBR On The Rocks
B1 - Waste Me
B2 - Eyes Despised
B3 - Stiff Nights
B4 - Alien Agenda
B5 - Ain’t That Swell (Baby Go To Hell)
B6 - Foot In Mouth

If you have been wondering «Where have all the punk rock’n’roll bands gone?» then look no farther than Born Loose out of Brooklyn NYC. Featuring an all-star line up with Larry May (Candy Snatchers/The Crums), Suke (Snuka/Iron Prostate/Candy Snatchers), Shane Konen (Live Ones/Ghetto Ways) and Eric Robel (Heroin Sheiks/Nova Express).

This is over-the-top booze-fueled garage-punk not far from the Candy Snatchers. Born Loose brings the intensity of a car crash and the energy of real and raging rock’n’roll. This brand new killer recordings leave you ready to start a fight or lift a car. Larry May sings with passion like in the good old days, the guitar is crazily over the top and the meanest rhythm section pounds out the low end relentlessly.

If you are into Detroit Rock like the Stooges, MC5 or the New Bomb Turks this tunes will kick you in the ass.