The WYLDE TRYFLES - Go Fuzz Yourself

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The WYLDE TRYFLES - Go Fuzz Yourself
Label: Screaming Apple
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

1. Silly Thing
2. No Means No
3. Who Knows
4. Do It
5. Heartbreaker
6. Don’t Leave Me Alone
7. Hangover Baby
8. I’m Movin’ On
9. Bad Game Of Love
10. No Shame
11. Creepy Crawly
12. Kill Me
13. Can’t Tame Me

THE WYLDE TRYFLES from Bordeaux, France, deliver an ultra-fuzzed out 60s punk mayhem. After their 10’ ’Upside Down’ (SOMETHING WEIRD) the band now releases their incredible debut LP ’Go Fuzz Yourself’ on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. THE WYLDE TRYFLES combine a punky fuzzguitar, crazy organ, a lot of energy and wylde, reverberating female vocals by powerful frontwoman Lubna Bangs. Highly influenced by 60s garagepunk that can be found on the BACK FROM THE GRAVEcompilations among others and the 80s garagepunk revival-sound of bands such as THE GRAVEDIGGER V or THE PRIMATES, THE WYLDE TRYFLES deliver their very own cool mixture of raw and primitive garagepunk and rock’n’roll! Their own compositions, such as the screaming ’No Means No’ or the melodic ’Heartbreaker’ are just as catchy and wild as their wild coverversions of the garagepunk-classics such as THE SOUND EXPLOSION’s ’Hangover Baby’, ’I’m Moving On’ by EVIL and THE BENDERS’ ’Can’t Tame Me’. A wylde 60s garagepunk debut-LP by THE WYLDE TRYFLES, that definitely should not be missing on your shelf!