Derita Sisters - Freak In The Middle Of Town

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Format: LP,Album

A1. Lockdown
A2. National Rape Day
A3. Never Wanted To
A4. Fountain Of Youth
A5. High School Bloodbath
A6. Back In The Day
A7. Freak In The Middle Of Town
A8. Something To Look Forward To
A9. Live Young Girls
A10. Candyass
B1. Bitch Slap
B2. With You
B3. Punkrocknonstop
B4. The Gravy Train
B5. Spaceships Are Go!
B6. C.I.A. Ghetto
B7. They Started It
B8. Cockblocker
B9. Kicked Out Of My Room
B10. Debtor's Prison

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