Pleasure Fuckers, The - Fried Cheese & Pivo

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A1. Solid Steel Automobile
A2. Oh Yeah!
A3. Away
A4. No Naggin' Hag
A5. Supper Star
A6. Haven't Got The Time
A7. Destination Uranus
B1. Malasaña Mama
B2. What Love Is
B3. Feels Like A Woman
B4. The Gimp
B5. Simple Needs
B6. Rubbernecking
C1. Snakebite
C2. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
C3. Slumlord
C4. Parchman Farm
D1. Gnarly Reef
D2. California Sun
D3. Surfin' Bird
D4. 1970