Autoramas - Libido

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Format: LP,Album

A1. Sofas, Armchairs And Chairs 4:04
A2. Creepy Echo 2:45
A3. Stressed Out 3:12
A4. Homem-Cliché 2:21
A5. Ding Dong 2:59
B1. Non-Practitioner 3:40
B2. No Futuro 3:16
B3. Eu Sei Mas Eu Não Sei (I Know But I Don't Know) 3:23
B4. Coisa Pra Caramba Pra Fazer 3:03
B5. Para O Alto E Avante 2:35


With ’Libido’, the Brazilian group returns to their raw, punky roots that by all means need to be enjoyed at maximum volume!
released in cooperation with the Barsilien Hearts Bleed Blue label. Covered in a fantastic-looking, futuristic artwork (by Julian Weber), this screaming record with its heavy dose of AUTORAMAS-garage-pop-punk-rock-greatness will absolutely knock you off your feet!!!