Big Boy Pete – The Cosmic Genius Of Big Boy Pete 1966-1979 - Volume 2

Mono-Tone Records

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Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
        Side One: The Sixties    
A1 - Strontium Ninety Nel
A2 - Convercircles
A3 - Nothningness Minus The Fun
A4 - Peter Pan    
A5 - Flying Solo
A6 - Summerland
A7 - Freeloader
        Side Two: The Seventies    
B1 - Bad Girl
B2 - Going Up the Jungle
B3 - Burnt Out
B4 - Not So Long Ago    
B5 - Leave Us Alone    2:27
B6 - Aunty Vera
B7 - The King Of Beretania