Billy Childish – Archive From 1959 - The Billy Childish Story

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Billy Childish – Archive From 1959 - The Billy Childish Story
Label: Damaged Goods
Format: 3 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation

Side The 1st
A1 –The Buff Medways     Archive From 1959     
A2 –The MBEs*     Thatcher’s Children     
A3 –The Milkshakes*     Out Of Control     
A4 –Thee Headcoats     Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot     
A5 –The Chatham Singers     Evil Thing     
A6 –The MBEs*     He’s Making A Tape     
A7 –Thee Headcoats     Pocahontas Was Her Name     
A8 –The Pop Rivets     Kray Twins (Demo)     
A9 –Thee Mighty Caesars     You Make Me Die

Side The 2nd
B1 –The Buff Medways     Troubled Mind     
B2 –Thee Headcoatees     Davey Crockett     
B3 –The Milkshakes*     Love Can Lose     
B4 –Jack Ketch & The Crowmen*     Somebody Else     
B5 –Thee Headcoats     The Day I Beat My Father Up     
B6 –Kyra     This Wondrous Day (Flemish)     
B7 –The Buff Medways     Medway Wheelers     
B8 –The Buff Medways     I’m Glad I’m Not Like David Wise     

Side The 3rd
C1 –Thee Headcoatees     When You Stop Loving Me     
C2 –The MBEs*     Christmas 1979     
C3 –Thee Headcoatees     Hurt Me     
C4 –Thee Mighty Caesars     Loathsome ’n’ Wild     
C5 –The Chatham Singers     An Image Of You     
C6 –Thee Headcoats     She’s In Disguise     
C7 –Billy Childish And The Singing Loins     I Don’t Like The Man I Am     
C8 –The Chatham Singers     The Man With The Gallows Eyes     
C9 –The MBEs*     Snack Crack     

Side The 4th
D1 –Thee Mighty Caesars     Cowboys Are Square     
D2 –Thee Headcoats     I’m Hurting     
D3 –Delmonas     I Feel Like Givin In     
D4 –Billy Childish     Ballad Of Hollis Brown     
D5 –Thee Headcoats     Every Little Thing     
D6 –Thee Headcoats     Headcoat Lane     
D7 –The Buff Medways     Sally Sensation     
D8 –Thee Headcoatees     We Hate The Fuckin’ NME     
Side The 5th
E1 –Thee Mighty Caesars     Lie Detector     
E2 –Thee Headcoats     What’s Wrong With Me     
E3 –The Buff Medways     Strood Lights     
E4 –Billy Childish     Get Out Of Here Pretty GIrl     
E5 –Thee Headcoats     It Aint Mine     
E6 –The Milkshakes*     For She     
E7 –Billy Childish     The Bitter Cup     
E8 –Thee Headcoats     Girl From ’62     

Side The 6th
F1 –The Pop Rivets     Fun In The UK (Demo)     
F2 –The MBEs*     Birthday Boy     
F3 –Thee Headcoats     Fingers In The Sun     
F4 –Jack Ketch & The Crowmen*     Mass Ignorance Culture     
F5 –Thee Headcoats     We’er Gone     
F6 –Kyra     Today Is The Nite     
F7 –Thee Headcoats     Rusty Hook     
F8 –Thee Mighty Caesars     I Was Led To Believe     
F9 –The MBEs*     Joe Strummers Grave