Brent Seavers – BS Stands For

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Brent Seavers – BS Stands For
Label: Screaming Apple
Format: LP Album
A1 - Play
A2 - My Little Girl
A3 - Out In The Rain
A4 - Flatline
A5 - Me And My Melancholy Face
A6 - Running Me Down
B7 - More Than A Friend
B8 - Unlike Superman
B9 - Clean Reflection
B10 - I Wrote A Song
B11 - All The Better
B12 - Stay With Me

Brent Seavers of the mighty DECIBELS steps out with his first solo effort! THE DECIBELS were about halfway through recording a new album when the pandemic started, so Brent had a lot of time on his hands. Just for fun, he started recording covers of different songs and filmed the process - uploading the music videos to social media. After recording about 20 cover tunes, he decided to record some of his original songs.

They were received pretty well, so he kept going, eventually recording an album’s worth of songs. These tunes were a mix of songs Brent had written over his entire time with THE DECIBELS, ranging from a few songs written in his early teens (’Me and My Melancholy Face’ and ’All The Better’) to newer songs (’Flatline’ and ’Play’) that were contenders for the latest DECIBELS’ album. Mostly out of pandemic-fueled necessity, he played and sang everything on this album - except for a few handclaps (reluctantly contributed by his children)!

”The record sounds like The Decibels, not surprising, but also not like them too. Going solo has allowed him to drift a bit forward in time, from mid-60’s pop right up into the 70’s and early 80’s power-pop scene. Obviously there is some very DECIBELS-like material here, like ’Out in the Rain’, ’Clean Reflection,’ and the jangle-heavy ’All the Better.’” Seavers channels his own brand of moddish guitar pop (elements of THE BEAT, THE ROMANTICS, THE PLIMSOULS, the pop sensibility and DIY appeal of early dB’s, the mod-era WHO with a pinch of the JAM, but squeezed through his own filter that gives them his own sound with the same fire and intensity that we know fromTHE DECIBELS. ”But I’m going to go out on a limb here to suggest the band haunting this record might actually be THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. That Brooklyn duo’s jocular sense of musical whimsey lurks on ’Unlike Superman,’ ’Me and My Melancholy Face,’ and most obviously on the fun sing-along ’I Wrote a Song.’ Seavers even sounds a bit like TMBG’s John Linnell vocally on the album opener, ’Play.’ On the other hand, should-be hit single ’More Than a Friend’ is his own distinctive brand of melodic rocking out, with strong harmonies, and killer earworm chorus. This is a total album enjoyment collection.”- GREAT!!