D.O.A. – Hardcore ’81

Restless Empire

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D.O.A. – Hardcore ’81
Label: Restless Empire
Vinyl, LP, Album
A1: D.O.A
A2: Unknown
A3: Slumlord
A4: Musical Interlude
A5: I Don’t Give A Shit
A6: M.C.T.F.D
A7: Communication Breakdown
B1: 001 Loser’s Club
B2: Fucked Up Baby
B3: The Kenny Blister Song
B4: Smash The State
B5: My Old Man’s A Bum
B6: Bloodsucker Baby
B7: Waiting For You

This hardcore punk classic is 40 years old in 2021! In 1981, Vancouver based D.O.A. released a monumental album which would change the punk rock scene for ever. ’Hardcore 81’ is a keystone, considered to be one of the first North American hardcore albums! Includes 12 pages booklet with liner notes, flyers and pictures from the era of hardcore 81!