Die Waistcoats – Ich Möchte Dir Nur Helfen

Soundflat Records

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Format: Vinyl, 7”, 45 RPM

A1 - Ich Möchte Dir Nur Helfen  
A2 - Wir Gehen  
B1 - Make Our Own Way  
B2 - White Lines

The Dutch Waistcoats are back after the big success with their splitsingle-contribution on the International Split Series Vol. 1 with a new, complete 4-track single on Soundflat Records. Here you get a varied single with 4 songs, which cover the most important different branches of music of the 60’s. Appropriate to Soundflat Records the Waistcoats have in particular for our label, which is among other things engaged to push the German language, recorded the whole A-Side in German (including 2 songs). There is on the one hand the beat-treasure - ’Ich Moechte Dir Nur Helfen’ (in English: ”I Only Want To Help You”) on the single, where the Waistcoats in the good old Beatles-Tradition as a foreign band make it detailed, but also with a whiff of rawness, while interpreting this jewel in German besides the glorious built-in La-la-la Parts. On the other hand there is the wild forward-dashing 60’s garage-punk ’Wir Gehen’ (in English: ”We Go”) on the 7’. This would apart from the age suit on one of the famous sampler longplayers like e.g. ’Back From The Grave’ or ’Like Nothing Your Ears Have Ever Heard Before!’. Friends of chilling psychedelic sounds will be satisfied too, when they hear the 60’s psychorocker ’Own Way’ and will take off in cosmos, when the psychedelic parts come along with R’n’B sound of the 60’s. What has brought an inspiring effect to the Waistcoats as well as to bands with a similar drive to the psychedelic like the Sateliters, Embrooks etc. or in this case to combos like The Poets, The Game, which nobody will deny, will be refined furthermore by the distinctive Waistcoats-Style. The instrumental ’White Line’ can be described as a 60’s mid-tempo groover of the special class. How harmonic the instruments and the sound is tuned here, this shows straight that the Waistcoats know their business and that they are more than able to hold their instruments, besides writing and of course playing ingenious authentic 60’s beat/garage songs. So you can see, this is a 4-track ep, which it can’t be more amusing referring to the fine music of the 60’s. Whether Freakbeat, Beatnick, Garage-Punker, Psychedelik, Mod or whoever else will be contented and in the comfortable position to extend her/his record collection by this cute vinyl treasure.