Dils, The - Some Things Never Change

Restless Empire

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Format: LP,Compilation

A1. I Hate The Rich 1:43
A2. You're Not Blank 1:37
A3. Class War 1:40
A4. Mr. Big 1:42
A5. Sound Of The Rain 3:23
A6. It's Not Worth It 3:02
A7. Red Rockers 2:39
A8. Blow Up 2:15
A9. Folk Say Go 2:51
B1. Citizen 2:24
B2. National Guard 2:35
B3. New Kicks 2:57
B4. Before The Law 2:46
B5. C-A-R 2:04
B6. Some Things Never Change 3:46
B7. You Don't Matter Anymore 2:45