Discharge – 1980-1986

Radiation Reissues

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Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue

A1 - Realities Of War
A2 - They Declare It
A3 - But After The Gig
A4 - Society’s Victim
A5 - Fight Bac
A6 - War’s No Fairytale
A7 - Always Restrictions
A8 - You Take Part In Creating This System
A9 - Religion Instigate
A10 - A Look At Tomorrow
A11 - Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
A12 - Why (Reprise)    
A13 - It’s No T.V. Sketch
A14 - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
B15 - Decontrol
B16 - Never Again
B17 - Death Dealers
B18 - State Violence State Control
B19 - The Price Of Silence
B20 - The More I See1
B21 - Ignorance
B22 - Grave New World