Johnny Casino - High Stone

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Format: LP,Album

A1. Twenty Twenty 3:04
A2. If we sow (love will grow) 6:43
A3. Mr Fastgun 4:00
A4. Postcards 4:46
B1. Make hay while the sun shines 3:35
B2. Anchor 3:25
B3. Love over fear 4:08
B4. The Ghost Train 6:53

This album started its life in Olde Richmond, Philadelphia, in early March of 2020, then....well all kinds of road blocks, detours, lost recordings, doubts and distances tried to derail it until we finally finished it in October of 2023 (I recorded and released an album, a singles box set containing 5 singles and bonus tracks, and two other 45s in between starting and finishing this album!?) High Stone was recorded by my dear old friend Jamie Mahon (Three 4 Tens, Marah, Mondo Topless, St James and The Apostles) in his studio Greenrock Recorders, with his GREAT band The Apostles as my backing band and Jamie behind the controls. This is not the place to bore you with the hows and whys of the stops and starts and lost tapes but we manged to get the recording side of it finished in July 2023 I then took the tracks back home to Spain to have them mixed and Mastered by Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs, 9 Pound Hammer, The New Bomb Turks, Holly Golightly, Jack Oblivian, Barrence Whitfield) Most of the ideas for these songs where conceived in my home in Spain BUT they most certainly became reborn walking thru my old haunts/streets in Philly, soaking in its smell, the way it moves, looks and feels, remembering times from more 20 years of frequenting the city of brotherly love and letting those memories and impulses that struck me shape and mold the songs and performances while recording. Heres to hoping you enjoy the album All the best Johnny