Jon And The Vons – Gratest Hits Vol.1

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Jon And The Vons – Gratest Hits Vol.1
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono

A1 - Stop And Listen
A2 - Goodbye
A3 - Won’t Be No Next Time
A4 - My Brother The Man
A5 - Take The Bait
A6 - Hurtin’ Kind
B1 - Caught You Red Handed
B2 - I Gotta Know
B3 - In And Out
B4 - Can’t Get You Out Of My Bed
B5 - Gotta Find A New Love
B6 - Stick Around

Here comes garagepunk at its very best! JON AND THE VONS play their 1966-garagesound wild, loud and straight to the point. Whoever saw this incredible band live or heard one of their two amazing singles yet, knows exactly what we’re talking about: JON AND THE VONS have once again revived that raw, fuzzy lo-fi-60s-sound that many others have tried to reproduce before and give us their debut-album that is indeed named ’Gratest Hits Vol.1’ for a reason! The record includes one hit after the next and aside from mainly coverversions of 60sgarage- classics like ’Stop and Listen’, ’My Brother The Man’, ’Caught You Red Handed’ and more, it also has selfcomposed songs like ’Won’t Be No Next Time’ or ’I Gotta Know’ that fit in perfectly with the rest of the songs and will catch you all the same. The band (featuring members of The Rip Offs, Four Slicks, Les Dragueurs, Les Terribles, Les Arondes, Les Braqueurs etc.) definitely knows how to make you go wild! You get a heavy fuzz-guitar-sound, catchy melodies supported by Vox organ, screaming vocals and a wild beat. The amazing coverartwork of the record is made by the legendary Japanese scene-artist Jelly Bean, so the album doesn’t only sound great, it also looks it! Don’t wait to get this top-shelf album on your turntables - it won’t be easy to remove again!