Lolas - All The Potion In The World

You Are The Cosmos

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Lolas - All The Potion In The World
Label: You Are The Cosmos
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
A1 - Ballerina Breakout     
A2  - In My Car     
A3  - Silver Dollar Sunday     
A4  - The Only People In The World     
A5  - Who Am I Talking To     
A6  - Little Deedra     
A7  - Something You Oughta Know     
A8  - We’re Going Down To The Boathouse     
B1  - Blue Shadows     
B2  - Doctor Apache     
B3  - Me And Barbara Stanwyck     
B4  - DJ Girl     
B5  - Bon Voyage     
B6  - Deestroy     
B7     When The Cold Winds Blow     
B8     Wrecking Yard