Los Ass-Draggers – Fuma!

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Los Ass-Draggers – Fuma!


Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

A1 - Fuma Intro
A2 - Outta My Band
A3 - Let’s Have A Celso / Askin’ For Some Titbits
A4 - Beat On The Bratto
A5 - Hitler Was A Hobo
A6 - Stumpo!
A7 - Rocket Fuel
A8 - Fat In Black
A9 - Crackhouse Stomp
B1 - Mongo Slop
B2 - Don’t Wanna Go To School
B3 - Junk Bob
B4 - Gone Fishin’
B5 - Big Boner
B6 - Hippies Suck!
B7 - Do The Do
B8 - Beer Gut
B9 - Rattle My Snake