Los Ass-Draggers – Stinkin’ Alive

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Los Ass-Draggers – Stinkin’ Alive
Label:    Family Spree Recordings
Format: Vinyl, LP
A1 - Bid Daddy
A2 - College Radio Shit
A3 - Karate Mountain Men
A4 - Limbo Dancer
A5 - Virtua Fuck
A6 - F.U. Dirty Old Man
A7 - Big Black Joe
A8 - What About The Fucking Martians
A9 - Jap Copykitty
A10 - Satan Never Sleeps
B1 - Big Boner
B2 - Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia
B3 - Go Ahead
B4 - Make Me Rock
B5 - What Do Ya Do
B6 - Cheapo Beer
B7 - Rocket Fuel
B8 - Never Comin’ Home
B9 - Party With Your Pants Down
B10 - Treat Me Like A King