Moral Panic – Moral Panic

Alien Snatch! Records

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Moral Panic – Moral Panic

Label: Alien Snatch! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, 45RPM

A1 - Lurk
A2 - Flower Violence
A3 - Gear Guy
A4 - Ring The Alarm
A5 - Talk Talk
B1 - Auto Focus
B2 - Move On
B3 - Art School
B4 - Not Now No Way
B5 - Working Title

No-holds-barred killer record from Brooklyn, NY with 45rpm paced short & snotty CARBONAS style shockers. Deadly fast punk guitars with DICTATORS hooks and moves, midwest PAGANS kicks and early GG ALLIN. We waited for this album for more than a year and the release has sent us into dizzying emotional heights. The record comes in at nineteen minutes for all the short attention slashers out there. Mixing and mastering was done by Jeff Burke (RADIOACTIVITY, LOST BALLOONS), and you can hear it. These rockers hammer out ten absurd scorching songs, including "Not Now, No Way" by Cleveland´s finest. Featuring Ex-LIVIDS members this is their second album after releasing their debut on Slovenly Records.