Nils Damage – Hotzenplotz LP

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Nils Damage – Hotzenplotz LP
Label:  Head Perfume Records
Format:Vinyl, LP

A1 - Interstellar Nightmare–Death on December IIth 2019
A2 - Superhelicopter–Dance or Die
A3 - Superhelicopter– Jeaar!
A4 - Superhelicopter– C.O.B.O.L.D.T.
A5 - The Spamchords– Machine
A6 - The Spamchords– All Just I Wanna
A7 - Preskool Dropouts –Little Baby
A8 - Joe Le Balor– Higher
A9 - Kalotte– Black Renitition
A10 - Superhelicopter Ltd.–Knockin on my Head
A11 - Superhelicopter Ltd.–Plastic Noggers
A12 - Superhelicopter Ltd.–Shuffle Pussy
B1 - Superhelicopter Ltd.–Ab jetzt wird geflutet
B2 - Joe Le Balor–Fuck you back
B3 - The Damnation Kids–I Want You Back
B4 - The Damnation Kids–Human Fly
B5 - Joe Le Balor–Mind Machine
B6 - The Gothiefs–One Way, No Way
B7 - The Gothiefs–Suicide Rock and Roll
B8 - The Gothiefs–Moving Your Head
B9 - The Gothiefs–Drop Me Back To Death
B10 - Nils Damage–Hotzenplotza
B11 - Superhelicopter Ltd.–Die Liebesgeschichte