OS COURETTES: Live at Tambourine Studios

Chaputa! Records

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Os Courettes
Label: Chaputa! Records
Format: Vinyl, 10” 33rpm

Side A
1: I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono
2: I’ve Been Walking
3: Go! Go! Go!
4: Nobody But You
5: Hoodoo Hop

Side B
1: The Boy I Love
2: Pushing Too Hard
3: We Are Gonna Die!
4: Boom Dynamite
5: All About You

Sampler: https://youtu.be/izlvTk42_7A

This is a sonic document of just one night in the schedule of this two piece demolition crew. This particular Saturday night at the fabled Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden, they played on a rug in front of their van as if it were an outdoor show. It actually took place indoors where they did that extremely nifty thing that they do for an invited audience of what I’ll call extremely lucky individuals. No cuss words necessary, this is a family endeavour. I had friends visit Glasgow recently and I pointed out the Kelvin Hall where The Kinks famously made their first historic live recording. Fast forward a couple of weeks and here I am by some strange twist of fate, two weeks shy of 50 years later annotating The Courettes initial foray into trapping their own particular performance lightning. Chin stroking types and purists out there are quite possibly thinking “is this guy really comparing this to The Kinks”? Yes I am and what about it?
Let’s get something straight, in my not overly humble opinion, The Courettes are not just another two piece combo. Although they haven’t been around for long, they’ve already established a reputation of being a cut above the clatter and bang of lesser duos. These kids have a chemistry and joie de vivre that most four piece acts can’t muster let alone two. The first time I saw Flavia play was at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival with her previous band and she owned the stage that night. Now with Martin, the fur has really started to fly and the squall that they kick up can now be heard in the safety of your own four walls or wherever the heck you’re listening to this.
For best results, I’d say fire up the old Dansette but maybe you don’t have access to such a beastie? I’m not altogether convinced something this primitive will make sense to stream or these other “modern” cockamamie means of listening. Actually though, I care not how you tune in just so long as you do. What I really hope is that it fires up a deep seated desire in you, dear listener, to catch them in person at the volume they should be enjoyed in their natural environment. That sweet ringing in your ears will likely persist long after they’ve packed up and headed for the next town. Here’s to Chaputa! Records part in enabling the spread of Courette’s syndrome to sweep the world. This FUZZTASTIC thing will keep yon rabble babbling until the next “studio” instalment.
Lindsay Hutton, The Next Big Thing, March 2017