PAINT FUMES - Real Romancer

Bachelor Records

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PAINT FUMES - Real Romancer 

Label: Bachelor Records

Format: Vinyl, LP

A1. Book of Love

A2. Holding my Heart

A3. Starting Over

A4. Fascinating

A5. Night Owl

A6. Frontline

B1. Missed a Step

B2. Callin’ Out

B3. Can’t Stand It

B4. My Dreams

B5. Bone City

B6. Still Lookin’

It’s a bit early this year, but here is the powerpop / punkrock record of the year 2023!

The Paint Fumes are back for good! Take a sip and get high on their hooks and sing-a-longs.#Paint Fumes have survived a decade of being in Paint Fumes. No small feat for a group that’s released 3 albums for 2 distinct luminary labels (Slovenly and Get Hip Records), and swayed their way between opposite ends of a sonic spectrum (garage and punk; old and new) on a nofucks-given wrecking-ball pendulum. Evolution occurred steadily from their earliest primitivism to more tuneful rockers. Road dogs when allowed to be, they toured exhaustively (including stints with legends King Khan & BBQ Show and Shannon & the Clams). Throughout, they racked more hospital stays—not to mention near-death experiences— than advisable by even the most nihilistic breed of rock’n’roll life-or-deathers. And yet now, after all the years and rigmarole, they’ve never sounded this good!

Real Romancer, Paint Fumes’ 4th LP—and first for Dig! Records (US) and Bachelor Records (EU)—is a whole new world of glam stompin’, duel-guitar with added bass hammerin’ sounds taken to anthemic heights previously unexplored by this born too loose group. If leader of the pack Elijah Von Cramon’s description of the band as “panic attack punk and power pop nightmares” rings true, this is Paint Fumes’ KBD-benzo treat-all for a 12 song long wet dream.

Expertly engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by

Dan Dixon at RCRD studios.

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“Savage pop that really smokes! Sounds like a delinquent

20/20.” -Christian Blunda, Mean Jeans

“Elijah’s voice has never sounded better. Fuck yes to this

album.” -Stephanie Luke, The Coathangers

“Paint Fumes have moved up one decade; their early stuff

was very 70s-fucked-up-dirty-punk-rock this new record is

very Midwestern-80s-American-punk” -Jacky Cougar, Des Demonas

“How Paint Fumes manages to do it all, I don’t know, but I

already have a few songs stuck in my head after a round of

listening. Absolutely killer.” -Natalie Carr, pop artist