Suzy & Los Quattro – Faster & Louder!

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Suzy & Los Quattro – Faster & Louder!
Label: Screaming Apple
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo

Official release dated 10.03.2017

1 - Radio! Stereo!
2 - Dance The Night Away
3 - Start Again
4 - On Top Of The World
5 - Matilda
6 - Here We Go Again
7 - PMS
8 - Walk Away
9 - Everybody (Steve Soto)
10 - Be With You

What a long way they’ve come.

The fourth instalment of the Suzy & Los Quattro adventure is titled “Faster and Louder”. The more astute will recognise that the title is borrowed from the opener on The Dictators hallowed “Bloodbrothers” album, the song that some guy with the surname Springsteen counted in.

Making music that should be blasting out of every self-respecting radio or stereo, it’s fitting that the opening salvo should be titled “Radio! Stereo!”. Barcelona’s toppermost power poppers deliver 10 high velocity rocktastic nuggets with their distinctive gusto.

“Start Again” is one of them patented Quattro quasi-disco stomping floor fillers that conjures up glitterball lights in your noggin and “Matilda” is a hymn to Suzy and BB’s young daughter co-written by Rubinoo Tommy Dunbar. “Here We Go Again” (co-written by Moss Rock City citizen and Yum Yum in chief, Morten Henriksen) kicks Side Two off like some long lost Freshies tune.
The party doesn’t let up until it’s all over and the only option is to flip it over and begin again from the top. Most records I hear these days tend to outstay their welcome pretty damned quick but this one is crafted to leave the listener wanting more. Heavy rotation is recommended.

All tolled, “Faster and Louder” is the stark blast of positivity we really need in these dark times. The Quattros will never let you down and BB offered the following as an explanation of the more ‘back to basic pop’ this time.

”Hank” was tough to follow because it was so personal. Every decision was taken in order for the concept to work and perhaps in retrospect, it confused our fans. This time we wanted to ”cleanse” ourselves from such demands to make the most raw/ fast/ immediate/ fuck-yeah album we could come up with. So what if a song didn’t run to being a minute long? (“Walk Away”). So what if the theme subject for a track (that doesn’t reach a minute and a half by the way) was pre-menstrual syndrome (“PMS”)? Maybe this record should have been called ”No Holds Barred”!

This Screaming Apple vinyl edition of “Faster and Louder” isn’t going to be hanging around for long so get in there now to avoid disappointment.

As to whether “Young, Fast, Scientific” might be the title of episode 5? Well, let’s wait and see but let’s leave the last word on this baby to Andy Shernoff himself.

”The record is fantastic, probably their best collection of tunes to date with powerful production and forceful vocals by Suzy. Congratulations, Faster and Louder indeed!”

You heard the man.

(Lindsay Hutton)