The Bad Beats– His Vengeful Hand

Soundflat Records

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The Bad Beats– His Vengeful Hand
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1- Knock Yourself Out  
A2 - Send Me A Postcard  
A3 - Puttin’ It Down  
A4 - His Vengeful Hand  
A5 - She Don’t Talk To Me  
A6 - Watch Outside  
B1 - It Breaks Me Down  
B2 - Hipsville 29 B.C  
B3 - Jackies Place  
B4 - Love Has No Time  
B5 - Done Me Wrong  
B6 - Up At Night

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The legacy of Canadian fuzz is in good hands, this debut album from THE BAD BEATS proves it. The lessons of their Canuck forefathers The Painted Ship, Les Lutins, The Haunted and many more ’60s legends have been consumed, digested and spit out with a new ferocity. Nasty people with nasty sounds, born quite literally in their garage, where car fumes, cold beer, a fuzz box and a beat up Farfisa organ have pushed them to blast out this album.