The Battlebeats – Search And Destroy

Alien Snatch! Records

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The Battlebeats – Search And Destroy
Label:    Alien Snatch! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1 - It Should Have Been Me
A2 - Stitch Your Heart Up
A3 - She’s So Overated
A4 - When I Got Rock’N’Roll
A5 - I’m Just A Piece Of Shit
A6 - Inside Your Heart
A7 - You’re My Wild
A8 - Bedroom Fiasco Blues    
B1 - It’s Time To R’N’R
B2 - They Got Mad At Me
B3 - I Don’t Wanna Go Back Home
B4 - I Wanna Break Away
B5 - Won’t Get A Life
B6 - She Don’t Need You
B7 - You Stabbed Me In The Back
B8 - Search And Destroy
B9 - Let’s Get Hurt