The Celibate Rifles – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Bang! Records

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The Celibate Rifles – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Label: Bang! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP
A1 - Back In The Red
A2 - Temper Temper
A3 - JNS
A4 - Pretty Colours
A5 - Nether World
A6 - Some Kinda Feeling
B1 - New Mistakes
B2 - Carmine Vattelly (N.Y.N.Y.C.)
B3 - City Of Fun
B4 - Conflict Of Instinct
B5 - Sometimes
B6 - Burn My Eye
B7 - S.O.S.

A wild live recording at CBGB from 1986! After 36 years of the first edition of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in UK and Australia, now available worldwide! A sample of the quality, intensity and brutality that Celibate Rifles displayed in their live shows. With very good sound!