The Dealers – Serendipic Breakfast

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The Dealers – Serendipic Breakfast
Label: Bickerton Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album,

1 - Nowhere To Go
2 - Down The Valley
3 - The Lady From The Watchtower
4 - Serendipia
5 - Me And The Ceiling Fans
6 - Requiem For Milko
7 - Baths And Whirlpools
8 - I Won’t Regret
9 - Cat Of New Race
10 - Tasty Steak
11 - Mary Told Me

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Killer psychedelic garage and freakbeat, debut lp after 2 sold-out 45s!! So, here’s 11 more tracks of their super authentic 6ts mod sound!!! Long- awaited first long play by our fave psyche-heads. After two startling 45s that we had the honour to publish, here we have their ”Serendipic Breakfast”, a record we’ve been hearing about for more than 3 years (first demos even dated years before) and that we honestly thought may never see the light of day. Finally here it is and it was worth the wait. The Dealers present an overwhelming collection of self-penned killers with a classic scent, sublime pop, psychedelic landscapes from around the world (West Coast, Holland, Britain), nederbiet flavours, garage shots, freakbeat rhythms...! In 2014 they triumphed in every festival they played, it’s time for them to prove all their virtues with a recording with no equal in the present-day sixties scene.