The Electric Mess – The Electric Mess

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The Electric Mess – The Electric Mess
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP
A1 - You’ve Become A Witch
A2 - Trash Talkin’ Woman
A3 - She Has A Funny Walk
A4 - That’s Enough
A5 - It’s Been A Long Journey
A6 - The Grass Ain’t Always Greener
A7 - Mondo Bongo
B1 - Cause You Think You’re A Star
B2 - You Make Me Raw
B3 - Remember To Forget Today
B4 - Don’t Wanna Be Your Man
B5 - I Can’t Go On Loving You
B6 - Simone

New York’s fabulous Garagepunkers THE ELECTRIC MESS are one of the wildest contemporary bands among 60s-Garage-Revival-music not only in the USA, but for a while now they’ve also captivated the European crowd with tough and charismatic frontwoman Esther Crow, their versatile songwriting, wild guitars, a frantic organ and a lot of wild attitude! They’ve created a quite unique sound and when you listen to their albums, you recognise a development within their own sound, that combines many different influences. The vinyl-version of their latest album was released on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS already and now it seems more than about time to finally also press the very first album on vinyl - so here it is! THE ELECTRIC MESS’ first album was released in 2010 and contains thirteen self-written songs. The band couldn’t have started with a better debut album! It’s catchy, cool, melodic, powerful 60s Garagerock. The first songs are hits already - ’You’ve Become A Witch’ and ’Trash Talkin’ Woman’ enter your ears and make you want to sing and dance along right away. The album includes a wide range of different influences: a big amount of 60s Garage, hammond sounds, beat, R&B and a bit of psychedelia - altogether very tough and powerful, but it also includes some songs like for instance ’She Has A Funny Walk’, that are a bit calmer, but still don’t lack that electrifying energy. ’Simone’ is the psychedelic finale of the record - very soft and dreamy, yet catchy all the same. THE ELECTRIC MESS’ same-named debut album is definitely a must-have in your record collection! A hit record from the first second till the last...