The Gruesomes – Cave-In!

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The Gruesomes – Cave-In!
Label: Alien Snatch! Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
A1 - Cave-In!
A2 - Stop It, Girl
A3 - You Gotta Believe Me
A4 - You’re Not The Boss Of Me
A5 - The Deal
A6 - No No No No
A7- Come And See Me (I’m Your Man)
B1 - Wish You Were Her
B2 - You Weren’t Using Your Head
B3 - Serves You Right
B4 - Love Got In The Way
B5 - Who Dat?
B6 - Hip-no-tyzed
B7 - One Good Reason

2020 Re-Issue of ”Cave-in!”, widely considered as thee outstandinf GRUESOMES album! The GRUESOME are teen-trash gigants formed in 1985 and one our favourite garage rockers. The album is full of killer originals and couple awesome cover versions, soaked in the snarly vocals and punk fuzz guitars. Initially published of 2000, it´s the one and only release on the german JAGUAR CLUB imprint, well known in the scene by their infamous owners. We´re obtained three boxes of original vinyl years ago, so the first batch deliverd will get the mint close-to-180g vinyl from back then. Totally new artwork, tasty neanderthal grease by Furillo!