The Highmarts – World Tour - Greatest Hits + Dodgy Demo

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The Highmarts – World Tour - Greatest Hits + Dodgy Demo
Label:    Soundflat Records – SFR-139
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation

A1 - I Want You Bad
A2 - I Am Just A Mops
A3 - Hold Me
A4 - C.C. Rider
A5 - Hey Boy
A6 - Flamin’ Sunset
B1 - Test Driver
B2 - Hound Dog
B3 - That Summer Feeling
B4 - I’m So Sorry
B5 - It’s All Over Now
B6 - Sorry


'Greatest Hits + Dodgy Demo'. Tokyo-based The Highmarts continue the tradition of Japanese garage rock while taking inspiration from the '60s "Group Sound" through to '70s punk
and slowly taking over the world with their primitive fuzz guitar sound. On the 'Greatest Hits' comes their hit single 'I Want You Bad' as well as two live versions of their second 7" 'Hey Boy' and the stunning 'Flamin' Sunset', and also included is a coverversion of the Japanese garage-psych classic 'I'm Just A Mops'. On the B-side are six exciting tracks from the 'Dodgy Demo'.