The Makeouts – In A Strange Land

Bachelor Records

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The Makeouts – In A Strange Land
Label: Bachelor Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

A1 - Do What You Want  
A2 - Get To You  
A3 - Never Let You Go  
A4 - Make It Out  
A5 - Last Dance  
A6 - Done It  
B1 - Sound Of Crime  
B2 - Throw It All Away  
B3 - Still Love You  
B4 - Bottles  
B5 - L’enfer Sur Terre

From the label:
THE MAKEOUTS started long time ago as a RIP OFFS blueprint, short harsh guitar riffs, fast paced songs and snotty vocals. Singer Jakob used to order records and the zines from me when I did VARMINT RECORDS. He sent me their first demo with four songs on it, and this one blew me away. So I did a 7” with them on my new BACHELOR RECORDS imprint which I just started at that time with releases of BLACK LIPS and CLOROX GIRLS. THE MAKEOUTS became quite well known in their country, played with all famous garage punk bands that stopped by, and toured Europe with THE HEARTATTACKS (also from Sweden). The got quite some reputation as fun live band and got invited to festivals like ROTTERDAM RUMBLE, PRICKLY PEA BOWLS (Sardinia) and the CHOKE FEST (Innsbruck, Austriah!). After years and years of practicing they finally learned how to play their instruments and got back with a unique mixture of punkrock and garage pop, they definitely learned their BACK FROM THE GRAVE and NUGGETS lessons and fired them up with some serious BLACK LIPS, JAY REATARD and KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW herbs.