The Mighty Gordinis – Sounds From A Distant Galaxy

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The Mighty Gordinis – Sounds From A Distant Galaxy
Label: Topsy Turvy Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1 - A Thousand Silver Suns
A2 - There Is No Such Thing As A Former Kgb Man
A3 - Jaguar Hunters And Headshrinkers
A4 - Sounds From A Distant Galaxy
A5 - Shockwave
A6 - Grabuge A Khartoum
B1 - Gun Powder On Your Collar
B2 - Trapped Like Rats In Space
B3 - Five Miles South Of Mumbai
B4 - U-Boat Attack
B5 - Minnesota Twist
B6 - A Quick Road To Trouble


The MIGHTY GORDINIS started out in the summer of 1998; their first two albums ("Kiss my Wheels" and "For Bosomaniacs Only") were a mix of punky hot rods songs and surf instrumentals, while the third one "Fueled on Fuzz" was fully instrumental and the last, in 2007, "The Future looks like yesterday" a full vocal one.

After that, the four members went their own ways for a while before the 2020 MIGHTY GORDINIS-reboot with their new full instrumental album. The band is now reduced to two members Nico (ADOLPHE SEX ET SES MACHINES) on drums and Hammond and Eric St John (VICE BARONS, THE RATBOYS, THEE MARTIAN BOYFRIENDS, THE EVIL FUZZHEADS) on Fender Jaguar and bass.

The title of the album "Sounds From A Distant Galaxy" reflects their new musical expansion of influences, exploring some grounds they never dared to go to before: they incorporated some kraut rock elements ('Five Miles South of Mumbai'), some dub sounds ('Grabuge A Khartoum'), some spy movie soundtracks ('There Is No Such Thing As A Former KGB Man') and even some cool groovy influences a la acid jazz, be it Corduroy or Mother Earth ('Gun Powder On Your Collar') - anything to keep them away from the traditional surf sound. That being said, they did include a couple of classic surf tracks like "Jaguar Hunters And Headshrinkers' or the cover of 'Shockwave' (original by ZORBA & THE GREEKS). So this album, limited to 300 copies of coloured vinyl only, displays a very large palette of sounds made for the never ending listening pleasure of the broad minded groovy people.