The Neatbeats – More Beat Side Hits

Soundflat Records

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The Neatbeats – More Beat Side Hits
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP

A1 - Teenage Letter  
A2 - And I Do Just What I Want  
A3 - You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover  
A4 - Yakety Yak  
A5 - Wishin’ And Hopin’  
A6 - Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do  
A7 - Come On And Sing  
A8 - Watch Your Step  
B1 - I’m The Lonely One  
B2 - I’m In Love  
B3 - Tricky Dicky  
B4 - This Empty Place  
B5 - New Orleans  
B6 - I Know  
B7 - All Night Worker  
B8 - The Tracks Of My Tears