The Neatbeats – Operation The Beat

Soundflat Records

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The Neatbeats – Operation The Beat
Label: Soundflat Records
Format: Vinyl, LP
A1 -  It's My Friday     
A2  -  Shake! Twist! Gravy!     
A3  -  Iced Coffee     
A4  -  You've Got What I Want     
A5  -  Ooh! My Beat!     
A6  -  Rockin' Home     
A7  -  Road-Hug Rubber     
A8  -  You Don't Care     
B1  -  Bye Bye Very Good     
B2  -  Sweet Cherry Pie     
B3  -  Git It     
B4  -  Honey Don't Cry     
B5  -  Hippy Hippy Shake     
B6  -  One Fine Day     
B7  -  Don't You Do It No More     
B8  -  Winkle Picker